Put eyeOS in the wikipedia

eyeOS apears in the english and in the german wikipedias: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EyeOS

If you like eyeOS, help us creating entries in other languages, and expanding the actual ones. Help us spread the word !!

Thank you for your support.


6 Responses to “Put eyeOS in the wikipedia”

  1. FrozenFlame says:

    i’m going to translate it to spanish :D

    i love eyeOS!

  2. hombrelobo says:

    Thanks a lot !!

    Who else ??

    (Muchas gracias :)

  3. Adriaan van says:

    I like it, but my own install won’t work…

    Temporarely I’ll use eyeOS.info…

  4. hombrelobo says:

    If you have problems with your installation, why don’t you ask for help in the forums ? We have a very active community that can help you: http://eyeos.org/forums/

  5. mpserafim says:

    I made a portuguese version! :)

  6. Ikon says:

    i made the spanish version, but i need especific permision for take some snapshoots for ilustrate the article in wikipedia in spanish, because they are not fair use, only can upload free images and free snapshots, please we need your permission

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