eyeOS 1.1 getting ready

We’re proud to announce that next monday eyeOS 1.1 will be published, with the following features:

  • Languages support!
  • eyeZIP, to open/manage/uncompress zip files (users will be able to upload a zip file with tons of images, and uncompress it from eyeOS).
  • Widgets board, to be able to use widgets in another desktop layer, all together.
  • Import/export options for eyeContacts.
  • Dozens of bugs corrected.

We know that there is still much to do, so please keep adding new suggestions and reporting bugs to the forums , releases won’t stop until eyeOS is greatly perfect!


3 Responses to “eyeOS 1.1 getting ready”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The development team is simply amazing !

    So many thanks for this hard work !

  2. yuce says:

    You rock! I’ve installed eyeOS on my server today, and I’m just amazed how wonderful it is, congratulations guys!

    I hope you can release the language support soon, so I can translate it to Turkish.

  3. chels75 says:

    …a great project!

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