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Help eyeOS to get nominated in Sourceforge!

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

SourceForge, who provides the Downloads and SVN infrastructures to eyeOS project and about 350.000 Open Source projects, has opened a Conquest where people do nominate the projects they like inside the SF network.

So if you like eyeOS and want to get it nominated, you can go to the eyeOS nomination page and nominate eyeOS as Best Project in Sourceforge!


Problems in (old 0.9 version) solved

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Some users reported that with the eyeOS 1.0 update in, they had some problems accessing their account or files in (eyeOS 0.9 server) accounts.

The problems should be solved now. Please, if you noticed some problems in your 0.9 account, please check it again, they’re solved now.

eyeOS 1.0.3 + eyeSoft status update

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

We’re proud to announce the new eyeOS 1.0.3, which adds special characters support in file names, corrects special characters problem in eyeBoard and adds a new security protection against attacks trought a malformed external app.

This means that if an application would allow someone to access your system trought, for example, an XSS attack, the system will detect that another IP is trying to modify your account and will end the session, warning you.

The new release and update packages can be found in the downloads page.

We’re working hard on getting the first apps to be in eyeSoft prepared. During the next week, eyeSoft will show the first apps to be installed, specially ancient 0.9 apps that are being ported to eyeOS 1.0. Remember that eyeSoft can only be used by root, and can be launched from eyeControl or via eyeLaunch app.

With the new eyeSoft porting system, installing new apps into an eyeOS system is as easy as select the app from eyeSoft (after clicking Update button to download automatically the last apps list from the eyeOS repository), click to install and the system will download it, extract it, install it, and if necessary, create new file associations in eyeFiles, automatically.

Finally, we want to thank (again ;-) ) the whole eyeOS community, who is helping us to make eyeOS much more stable by reporting bugs trought the eyeOS Forums.

We’ll be soon releasing information about new eyeOS 1.1 which will include the translation system to allow eyeOS be translated again and some other new cool stuff.

Enjoy eyeOS!