eyeOS 1.2 Desktop mock-up

One week and a half before the eyeOS Beta (planed for October 20th), the first desktop/apps new designs start to raise. Today we’re presenting some improvements for the eyeOS Desktop 1.2:

Note that everything may change until the final version ;-)

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15 Responses to “eyeOS 1.2 Desktop mock-up”

  1. jens says:

    Does that mean everything will be “right-clickable” ?
    That’d be great!!

  2. Alexandre says:

    Beautiful, clean and more professional design !

    I could hardly believe you could improve the design but you did !

    Congratulations !

  3. Paul says:

    What about some shadows all around the windows like in MacOS X ?

    This little change really increases the clarity of the interface. So if ever you could add it to the new look and feel of eyeOS 1.2 interface it would be great.

    Whatever, very nice job !

  4. pau_gm says:


    Good “eye” ;-) In fact, the right click menus will be (hopefully) included in eyeOS

  5. Ali says:

    you have no idea how giddy this makes me feel!

  6. Guidouil says:

    D-Day – 8
    I must stop watching your site, my F5 key is gonna break :)
    Keep up the GREAT work.

  7. It looks very great!

  8. E150 says:

    Cant wait. jus another 6 dayzzz :)

  9. Nanawel says:

    The new design looks very nice, and the new features very interesting from a developer point of view!
    Very very wonderful work guys!

  10. Slivester says:

    Great work folks! I’m using eyeOS 1.1 for my Project Work (an GCE ‘A’ Level H1 subject), and so far it’s pretty well-received.

    Can’t wait to see 1.2 in action.

  11. Misiekr1 says:

    Gdyby nie projekt eyeOS nigdy bym nie zacz?? kariery webmastera. Dzi?kuje wam ?e dalej tworzycie ten pi?kny system! To jest cudowne co wy robicie!
    Pozdrawiam Misiekr1
    If not for I would never start the eyeOS project careers of the webmaster. He thanks you that farther you are creating this fine system! It is beautiful what you are doing!
    I am greeting Misiekr1

  12. Plop says:

    eyeOS 1.2 beta will be released one week later, sorry…
    Heard on IRC, no need to wait today :(

  13. Bobb says:

    It’s not today the launch of eyeOs 1.2 ???
    I searched but i didn’t found any links for download it !

  14. LegosJedi says:

    Wow. Just, wow! That’s awesome! I love the fact that you are now having menu bars, and I love the context menu. You guys keep coming out with great stuff. Keep up the good work!

  15. nirmal says:

    Really cool and light weighted and fast!!!!
    Immediately i started informing all my friends and also put some info in my website also . Great work…
    Keep it up.

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