eyeOS 1.2 Release Date | MS Word compatibility!

We’re proud to announce that eyeOS 1.2.0 will be finally released the next Monday (October 29th).The Roadmap has finally suffered some small changes, and a big last-weeks include, which was planned for eyeOS 1.3: The Microsoft Word (.doc) file support for both reading and writing!

eyeOS 1.2 Screenshot With MS Word support

The full release changelog and improvements will be published the next Monday. Thanks to everybody who has helped on its development trough the forums, the IRC channel and the SVN server!

 Update: Patience, it’s almost here ;-)  

13 Responses to “eyeOS 1.2 Release Date | MS Word compatibility!”

  1. Pochagnole says:

    Awesome ! Thanks to everybody. I can’t wait !

  2. emil. says:

    Is not the right click menus included? :O

  3. Cetras says:

    So finaly no right clik menu ? :’(

  4. pau_gm says:

    The right click menu will be probably added with full drag and drop for 1.3. The official roadmap for 1.3 will appear during next week.

  5. Gigi says:

    Thanks! Great job.
    Do you need some help?

  6. Seb says:

    Its the 29th… In the UK Any way… :P

  7. CAJAX! says:

    29th… AA! where is it?! I can’t wait :)

  8. shaun says:

    hey guys great job, we are waiting the release with baited breath!


    PS: If you need any help we will try and be of assistance

  9. pau_gm says:

    Soon, just a few hours ;-)

  10. Alexander says:

    I Cant wait more , Lets get started

  11. emil. says:

    wtf its soon 30th!!! where is it?

  12. Patience, in spain is 29, and will be released very soon.

  13. E150 says:

    1 hour and 15 min to go
    with greets from the Netherlands ;)

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