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eyeOS 1.2 Desktop mock-up

Monday, October 8th, 2007

One week and a half before the eyeOS Beta (planed for October 20th), the first desktop/apps new designs start to raise. Today we’re presenting some improvements for the eyeOS Desktop 1.2:

Note that everything may change until the final version ;-)

Migrating to WordPress, expanding the Blog

Friday, October 5th, 2007

After a year and a half on Blogger, we have decided to migrate the blog to the WordPress platform to have full control over the blog and its server, and have a new URL like the other eyeOS Network Services: Please update your bookmarks!

The feed will continue being the same (since it’s hosted on Feedburner, so there is no need to change its URL), and we are creating new categories to use this blog to promote tips and tricks around the eyeOS every day usage, hints for eyeOS Developers, new releases, interesting articles about eyeOS and everything hapening around the project.

Hope everything will be ported without problems, please contact us if you see anything wrong here!