eyeOS 1.3: What to expect

eyeOS 1.3 will be finally released on January 3rd, being the first Office-complete eyeOS release.

This extra week will be used to maximize the compatibility of the Office solution and solve some bugs that have been there since lots of versions ago. eyeOS 1.3 will be full usable on big production systems and companies, and we are making a big effort for it.

As explained in earlier posts, eyeOS 1.3 will include a full Office Suite, that will be able to read and write documents, spreadsheets and presentations in a great variety of different formats. It will also include a new collaborative calendar, and a new Internal Messaging System.

But the release won’t come alone. We have been working very hard during months in what we will be presenting the next week. A new world around the eyeOS Platform, new ways to use it, and much more.

Stay tuned! ;-)

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  1. Calcea Nicu says:

    Can’t wait for it. January 3rd…

  2. sirebral says:

    January 3rd?!?!? That sounds great!! I hope it installs easier then 1.2, that had so many blank screen questions.

    The IMS sounds great too!! That is only 1 week away. I can hardly wait either.

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  4. the Man says:

    Will I be able to give people local file access through eyeos? Like offer them a home-directory and the ability to open and save files there?
    Will there be a media-player? So that people could listen(stream) to selfmade ogg files they save in their home-directory?

    Thanks for your work!
    eyeos is realy one of the most innovative developments in the last years!

  5. José Manuel says:

    Just 2 days for the final release! I can’t wait!!!

  6. [...] la versió immediatament anterior, la (en vam parlar a SomGNU) l’equip d’eyeOS va anunciar fa 6 dies la nova versió, 1.3, carregada de novetats d’interès. eyeOS és una aplicació [...]

  7. emil says:

    eyeOS 1.3 will be finally released on January 3rd!

    Where is it??

  8. Tim says:

    January 3rd :D

  9. David says:

    Give them time :) It’s not 4th January yet so they are still on schedule!

  10. Paul says:

    I’ve been checking since 6:30 a.m. eastern US time! My hosting site is all ready, I’ve canceled all my appointments for the morning, and I’m drooling over my keyboard!

  11. José Manuel says:

    Errm… It should now be released…

  12. Cocaaladioxine says:

    Hey! We’re tuned… And waiting!
    RELEEEAAASE please!

  13. pau_gm says:

    Just a few more hours ;-)

  14. John Smithers says:

    Ahh…. Oh… My finger are hurting, and my F5 button on my keyboard have been worn out… Hehe… Just waiting in joy…

  15. Calcea Nicu says:

    Hours? So I’ll have to stay the whole night without doing nothing?

  16. emil says:

    where is the shit???

    it’s now January 4rd!

    i’am starting to get a little furious ;)

  17. Boyquotes says:

    Après une nuit blanche il vont sans doute nous la sortir.

    Bon courage à l’équipe

  18. azop says:

    Arrêtez de donner des dates sans les respecter…C’est pas la première fois que sa arrive…

  19. sirebral says:

    So where is version 1.3?

  20. cg says:

    any update on that release?

  21. Shaun says:

    give the guys a break!

    are any of you paying for the new release…….

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