eyeOS 1.5 Release Candidate 1 Released: Testers wanted!

Due to some claims in the eyeOS Forums, we have decided to release a RC before the final eyeOS 1.5: The new version will be codenamed 1.5 (instead of 1.3) due to the big improvements in functionalities it will have. We want this release to be the most stable ever, and for that, we want to be sure that it does not have important bugs.

eyeOS 1.5 includes three new big applications: eyePresentation, to watch Microsoft Powerpoints and OpenOffice Presentations with eyeOS, eyeSheets, to see and edit Microsoft and OpenOffice sheets (between other formats) and eyeMessages, an app to send and receive internal messages with the possibility to attach files to the messages. Sending files between eyeOS users has not been easier never before!.

Note that both documents and spreadsheets will open with eyeVisor first, which ensure a great compatibility and does not edit the file at all. As you will see, eyeViewer has an awesome good compatibility with Sheets and documents, preserving all the formats and styles. While editing Excel/OpenOffice Sheets is still experimental, it will be included in the new release, so feedback on the Sheets editor opening excel/ooosheets with formulas will be greatly appreciated.

The new version also includes the brand new eyeCalendar and eyeContacts, which are now a complete Calendar and Agenda, with multiple calendars/colors and a great importing and exporting tool from vCard (that can import thousands of contacts at same time).

We have prepared an Online server where everybody can test and play with the new release. We recommend everybody to test the new eyeOS from the Online server, since it does have the OpenOffice connector installed (complete instructions to install it in any server will be given the day of the release). It’s an open server, so everybody can register, but it will be deleted after the release.

To test the new release, please go to rctests.eyeos.org .

You can download the eyeOS RC1 from here (Note that it’s a self installed package, and does not provide the eyeOS security settings created by the installer, so please do not use it under production environments. User: root - Password: root) .

We have also created a new forum named Release Candidates Bug Reports to center in one single place all the discussion about found bugs. Please, use it for posting new bugs and discussing existent ones. It’s the best moment to do it!

Some notes on this release:

  • This release includes the right click actions and makes intensive use of it. All feedback on this will be appreciated.
  • eyeFiles does not show the final boxes for the release (you can now right click on files to show specific actions or on blank space on eyeFiles to show global actions). The final release will have both Tree and Actions boxes.
  • If you use the packed version, remember to give sufficient permissions to all the files for the webserver’s user to be able to read and write to the whole system.
  • Feedback on opening and using office files (specially OpenOffice and MSOffice ones) will be really appreciated.
  • eyeSheets save button is not supposed to work in this RC.

PS: As you may supose, the big surprise around eyeOS will be announced (or presented ;-) ) with the final release.

19 Responses to “eyeOS 1.5 Release Candidate 1 Released: Testers wanted!”

  1. Nico says:

    I try it right now !!

  2. Paperclipmonkey says:

    Can’t seem to open any presentation, word or spreadsheet up in the public server….Weird..
    Hope it’s fixed soon

  3. MARTIN says:

    I found a bug in EyePresenter, won’t open presentation

  4. yosh says:

    great work, guys.
    The Firefox right-click menu pops up as well as the EyeOS menu. That’s somehow annoying, though.

  5. j0rg1 says:

    I’m trying it right now! Been waiting for a release now, so this should be fun :)

  6. jcarlosn says:

    it opens presentations, spreadsheets and words correctly for me, remember that this BETA release is not installed in http://www.eyeos.info, is installed in: http://rctests.eyeos.org/eyeOS/

  7. I try it right now !! :)

    Congratulations eyeOS team

  8. LOrenz says:

    There’s one BIG BUG! If I want to open a file on the desktop, it follows my mouse and I can’t stop it!

  9. Matt says:

    Refresh the desktop and drag software and trash icons. they duplicate. continue refreshing and you can then duplicate them more.

  10. DanielRS says:

    I’ll start now testing it. If I find any bug, I’ll post in the forums.

  11. gg_tk says:

    Fantastic !

    .odt and .doc work for me, even if the pictures aren’t displayed at the same positions that in OpenOffice. :)

  12. gquentin says:

    First problem I had:
    - doesn’t worked with Epiphany browser. I mean the right-click function doesn’t work. And as this version is focused on that tool it’s quite a big problem forme. So, I switched
    - under Firefox, where everything’s working fine (after a little modification in javascript behaviour). BUT still one bug. As I’m a French user, I’ve got a lot of files containing é, è, à and others. This filenames make the directory where they’re uploaded crash. I mean I can’t open it anymore. Quite anoying when you upload to Desktop or even Home folder.

    After all, this version is amazing ;)

  13. Bazzty says:

    Great job!

    There is nothing more to say ;)


  14. CAJAX! says:

    Is it possible to use right-click in Opera browser ? Where ever i click i got only default browser menu

  15. Ty Rosenow says:

    All-in-all it seems to work great but a few bugs:
    1. The regular delete button (to send my documents to the trash) works at first, but if you have multiple files to delete (using the one at a time method), it would stop working. If I push the delete button, it would highlight itself, but if I click the document that I want to delete, then it will open itself up. Right-clicking and deleting works wonders.

    2. .odt, .doc, .ods, .xls, .ppt, and .odp work, but .pps (a presentation that I normally get from people who want to show off their pictures of their 10,000 children), is not able to open automatically. I have to manually open that.

    3. It does not work with Microsoft Office 2007 extensions (.docx, .xlsx, & .pptx). Currently, nobody has a way to get those to converted yet, so you folks are still in the clear.

    The Beta version is more useful and productive than the current release. I can’t wait! Keep it up!

  16. Ty Rosenow says:

    Never mind on the first bug — it was a freak of nature…

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  18. mickdermack says:

    Wow, great!

  19. Phantomias says:

    I’d be happy to try it!

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