eyeOS category in Softpedia

We are really proud to explain that Softpedia, the great software downloads website, has added a new “eyeOS” section under the Internet software category.

The new eyeOS category (which shows almost all the apps in the eyeOS Applications Community) will make possible to lots of Softpedia users to discover eyeOS as a new way to work, from everywhere with the same apps and games.

This is a very important step in eyeOS, since both the community and the core team are working together to create a platform where thousands of apps can live on, and the support of one of the biggest downloads website, which does provide specially downloads for the traditional Operating Systems, shows that we’re going the right way (but there’s still a long road to go!).

The next step will be to place a big round button called eyeOS on the top of the software sites, with Windows, MacOS, Linux…. But for that, we need 10 or 15.000 apps ;-) .

Thanks, Softpedia!

2 Responses to “eyeOS category in Softpedia”

  1. Nicu Calcea says:

    I knew that for a while.

  2. ade says:

    very good, I’d love to try

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