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New official theme: eyeOS Light Desktop

Friday, February 15th, 2008

We are proud to announce the second official eyeOS theme, available at the eyeOS Applications Community: The eyeOS Light Desktop.

eyeOS Light DesktopeyeOS Light DesktopeyeOS Light Desktop

The Light Desktop theme is a lightweight theme that removes the effects-based menus and adds a new left bar on the desktop (that can be easily edited) with the favorite apps and places, with a new menu that shows all the applications.

It will come bundled with eyeOS 1.6 as an optional theme (the default one will be the current one with some improvements).

If you have an eyeOS server, you can download and install this theme easily, following the instructions at the theme’s download page. You can also take a look at the other great eyeOS Themes available there.

If you use the eyeOS Public Server or any other public server that has this theme installed, you can follow this instructions to enable the Light Desktop:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Go to Autorun Commands and click on New.
  3. Write eyeLightDesk (note that it’s case sensitive!) and click on Add.
  4. Go to Theme and select Light Desktop.
  5. Close your session and log in. That’s all!

If you want your desktop to load faster, you can remove eyeDock and eyeDesk_extras from your Autorun Commands. Just re-add them when you want to switch to the default theme again.

If you are having problems enabling this theme, you can check the common problems and solutions at them theme download page.

What is eyeOS? [Presentation]

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

Some people get confused when someone asks them “What is eyeOS?“. There are several possible answers to that question -eyeOS as a Platform, eyeOS as a Web Desktop, eyeOS as a remote file access…-. We have looked for the best way to centralize all the possible answers, and the result is this slideshow:

You can download it as a presentation in Microsoft Powerpoint format and OpenOffice Impress format, or to be printed in PDF format. You can also see/download it from the Concept section at the eyeOS Website.

New documents (such as the cool and completely full Developers Manual) will be published soon…

Which apps you use in eyeOS and where? [Poll]

Friday, February 1st, 2008

We would love to know where are you using eyeOS, and which apps do you use on the system, to prepare the next releases acording to eyeOS main uses. Please take 20 seconds to answer this two polls:

Where do you use eyeOS mainly?
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What's your main use with eyeOS?
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We will be adding a new poll to resume the main whishes and blueprints for eyeOS 1.6 (add yours at this Forums’ topic) so the Roadmap of eyeOS 1.6 will be built with the most voted ideas.