Developers, developers, developers… Final Part (for now…)

During the last weeks we have been releasing some key parts around eyeOS that can be specially interesting for developers. Today we are releasing something bigger, which will be from now, the new central place for all the eyeOS Developers around the world: The eyeOS Developers Community.

eyeOS Dev Community

The new Developers Community, accessible through, does provide lots of new places and services for eyeOS developers to find help on their developments and share the progress with other developers:

You can contribute to the new community by moving your projects, ideas, known bugs and development pages to the new sites, specially those which are now in the general wiki. We will progressively transform the eyeOS Wiki to a users wiki to find manuals and how-to’s of the system usage. All Development content should be moved to the new Developers Wiki.

You can also subscribe to the new mailing lists, to stay tuned on the new releases, bugs discussions, patches around the system…

This new site (and blog post) does end, for now, the serie of news of eyeOS for developers. There will be a last surprise sometime during March/April, and we’re sure will be greatly accepted by all the eyeOS developers… and probably PHP ones ;-) .

To all those users who want to read news around the eyeOS project itself, we will be releasing very soon the roadmaps around the next big versions in eyeOS. You can be sure they will be very hot for everyone!

2 Responses to “Developers, developers, developers… Final Part (for now…)”

  1. p Cardier says:

    very good ! :)

    All the stuff you’ve made those last days about the documentation is exactly what was missing for helping us to make nice apps !

  2. Eliane says:

    new site is really more acurate, thank’s all.

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