Introducing the eyeLIMS project

To see eyeOS widely used by scientists all around the world, a group of eyeOS users and developers, leaded by Alexandre Mejat, has initiated the eyeLIMS project. eyeLIMS is a community-driven project which aims at providing a Free Open Source Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) powered by eyeOS.

The eyeLIMS community will develop new eyeOS applications or port to eyeOS existing free open source applications specifically dedicated to molecular and cellular biology.

The eyeLIMS Software Suite will include a set of eyeOS applications dedicated to common activities in research laboratories such as managing samples or reagents (eyeStorage), managing bibliographic references (eyeBiblio) or manipulating data (eyeJmol).

The whole project is Free and Open Source and will be released under GNU Affero GPL v.3 license (the same as eyeOS). If you would like to collaborate with the project or you are interested in following its development, you can check the project’s homepage and its discussion board.

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