eyeOS events during June 2008 (in Spain)

If you are in Spain during June, you will have some opportunities to discover eyeOS and the eyeOS Team point of view concerning Web Operating Systems and Open Source software in the following (free) events/conferences:

-Suscipe Enterpeneurs Forum (in Madrid), on June 4th, to present the project, its history and future. You can confirm the assistance in this page.

-The Coffee Break 2008 (in Cáceres) on June 13th and 14th.

And possibly, another one on June 26th in Ourense (still to be confirmed). We’ll soon confirm this last one and publish some other events during July, in Spain.

If you are interested in the eyeOS Team to give a conference in your University/Forum/Company, please contact at team @ eyeos.org.

8 Responses to “eyeOS events during June 2008 (in Spain)”

  1. LegosJedi says:

    Spain? What about the USA?

  2. The organizators invited us to talk in Spain. So I should say the same. What about the USA? ;-)

  3. Keith Myers says:

    Why cant it be broadcasted Live? I can suppily the software

  4. Daniel Sousa says:

    It’d be nice to have it broadcasted or at least filmed to be possible to see it later…

  5. DanielRS says:

    At least film it and publish.

  6. cacereño says:

    I live in Cáceres!!!

  7. Nicu Calcea says:

    Then you’re lucky!

  8. Nick Adams says:

    I used to live in cacereno as well. small world!

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