Please, update eyeOS!

Two days ago we published eyeOS, which is our latest eyeOS release and eyeOS, which is an update for our obsolete eyeOS 1.6 branch.

In eyeOS the cache system is activated for default and it gives you some additional options. You can find them in eyeControl in the category “System”. We also fixed many, many problems, which were noticed. You can find the Release Notes of eyeOS here.

eyeOS is a small update from yesterday, which updates the version number of your eyeOS system correctly and it fixes a problem with the red warning at the cache system tab in eyeControl.

eyeOS includes most fixes we made for and and it gives the users of the obsolete eyeOS 1.6 branch the possibility to use the Internet Explorer 6.

For eyeOS 1.7.1 we are working on different projects. For example Daniel Sousa: He is working at a new application, called eyeHelp, which will provide help topics for many applications.

Please report every problem you notice! You can find more information about reporting bugs here.

2 Responses to “Please, update eyeOS!”

  1. amaturePro says:

    Is symlink going to be included at all in the future?


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