In love with XML-RPC

Some time ago we were talking about the importance of a good system that would allow eyeOS to communicate with external platforms with a good API for the programmer. We finally released it inside eyeOS 1.6.0.

The first technology using it was eyeSync, the application that allows anyone to synchronize files and folders transparently from the local Operating System (there is an eyeSync version for Windows, Mac and Linux) to a specific folder of an eyeOS server.

But there are several possibilities that can be developed using the eyeOS’ XML-RPC system.

Our today’s example is a Widget for MacOSX that reads and allows you to send messages to eyeBoard of your eyeOS system (by default, the Public Server one) directly from the Dashboard:

With this tiny – but useful! ;-) – example we would like to encourage the developers from the eyeOS Development Community to create new local applications communicating with eyeOS through its XML-RPC system. Fall in love with it!

2 Responses to “In love with XML-RPC”

  1. Jason Martin says:

    Sweet! Now to hack the source code, and see how it works to convert it to create my own! >:D

  2. lol says:

    LOL, im with you jason

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