eyeOS in IT-WorldEdu Conference

eyeOS was invited in a meeting of IT-companies and schools (IT World Edu at Barcelona) to introduce how the eyeOS project could be applied at schools. The first implementation in a real school is now complete. The school, Jacint Verdaguer at Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, has +-600 laptops using only eyeOS since the beggining of the 2008 course.

We will be soon publishing an introduction video of the usage of eyeOS inside that school and more information.

Stay tunned!

5 Responses to “eyeOS in IT-WorldEdu Conference”

  1. cpchriscpp says:

    That’s really cool. How did they go about “only” running it? Some very shrunken linux distro on a small hard disk or something else?

    I suppose that video will probably tell, but I’m still curious :p

  2. Exactly like that, cpchriscpp.


  3. Jerome Slan says:

    it’s a great news for eyeOS project ! That kind of application in “real” world could show to the rest of the world that webtop are not simply toys for geeks !

  4. Nicu Calcea says:

    Wow, waiting for the video. I tried to convience my school to do that, but couldn’t :(

  5. Chris Judson says:

    Very cool, eyeOS team!
    Congratulations and hope the message spreads across the Atlantic to us in the States.

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