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The revolution does not end!

Sunday, October 5th, 2008


This week we released eyeOS “Lars” with several bug fixes and new features. We got really many comments about that version. All in all everyone I talked to, like this version, but some changes introduced new problems.

So we cannot stop working now: The next versions will be eyeOS, which fixes all bugs you and we noticed. eyeOS will be continued as our most stable branch for a while. All fixed things between eyeOS and will be in eyeOS!

Both versions will be released on the next Friday. It is the 10th of October 2008.


New developers are welcome! eyeOS 1.7.1 is planned to be released in one month and if you want to integrate your work into eyeOS, please create a new blueprint at Launchpad and we will answer you.

Beside: We use the Launchpad service to manage our bugs and blueprints. Blueprints are simple descriptions of an idea. They are listed at We created a document about “How To Report a bug on Launchpad”. You download it from here.