eyeos is 4 and Project of the Month in SourceForge

4 years ago some people thought that this project would never reach even its first birthday. And today we can prove that they were completely wrong. We’re today celebrating our 4th birthday, and we can say today that eyeos is no longer a baby.

4 years is the time we have taken to create what we have today: a very good open source project, an incredible community and an even-more-incredible movement around eyeos. We are the alternative to the Cloud Computing’s biggest services. And we’re really proud of.

And today is one of the best days around eyeos. After 4 years, we are updating our logo and our full website. We finally have merged all websites into a single one, and as you can see in the logo and in this post, we changed the way to write the project’s name from “eyeOS” to “eyeos“. It doesn’t matter if “OS” meant “Operating System” or “Open Source”. The project name is eyeos, and the “os” is just part of the name.

A lot of people has made lots of efforts to make this possible, but Egg Design (the company who created the new logo, visit them!), Julia (from eyeos) with the new website design and Lars (from eyeos) who made the new website completely accessible, XHTML valid and with a great CSS footprint, made this specially possible. Thanks a lot!

eyeos - new logo

But today is also special for something else: SourceForge has selected eyeos as Project of the Month for August 2009. We knew this since some weeks ago (thanks Lisa and Ross!) and keeping it in secret has been really hard for us. Being Project of the Month from SourceForge, which has more than 180.000 projects and 28 milion visits every year is a giant honor for eyeos. Thanks, thanks, and thanks, SourceForge.

We’re making adjustments here and there with the new website stuff, and we’ll be updating contents, translations and everything during the next few weeks. We still need to update blog’s, forums and wiki’s design to the new one, and we’ll for sure forget places where we’ll be writing “eyeOS” or using the old logo. Any help will be appreciated on this so please, if you see something wrong just use the contact page to warn us.

Finally, we would like to invite you to stay tuned for some next week great news. Welcome to the new eyeos!

8 Responses to “eyeos is 4 and Project of the Month in SourceForge”

  1. Daniel Sousa says:

    I really like the new website. I can’t wait until 10th August, when I’ll be able to see it in a computer :P

  2. [...] y hasta navegador siempre disponibles a través de Internet. El sistema operativo en la nube acaba de cumplir 4 años y están rediseñando la página principal del proyecto modificando también el logo, que queda [...]

  3. Chris Judson says:

    Very cool; love how along with the program the site and branding has evolved.

  4. Daniel Sousa says:

    Definitively it looks even better on a computer screen xD

  5. mesut says:

    I think, eyeOS is project of the year:) I love this platform, and i even started to develop new software on eyeOS.. Thx 2 much:)

  6. Tech News says:

    My brother in law would appreciate this post. We were recently speaking about this. hehe

  7. Computers says:

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