CPC2009 application submission process opened

We’re opening today the process to submit applications fot the Community Programming Contest 2009. As we announced with the CPC09 presentation, every participant will be able to submit his application/s until August 20th at 11.59pm Spain time.

The process will be, for every application presented (e.g. if you want to submit two applications you will need to fill the form twice):

  1. Submit the application at eyeos-apps.org. You will need to register an user there first.
  2. Fill this form with your eyeos-apps username and app URL.
  3. On August 21th we will pick the latest available version of your app in the URL you have submitted as the final application which will participate on the CPC2009.

Note that we will not check the apps now, so you can submit the app today, and continue updating it. The version considered as final will be the one we’ll find in the URL you submit on the form (which must be an eyeos-apps app URL) on August 20th. Until that date you can update the application with newer versions.

We will be publishing a sandbox to test the applications submitted on August 25th and we will open the voting process for the whole eyeos community. Note that we may need to contact the participants before to prepare their sandbox if any problem occurs.

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