Announcing eyeos 2.0 for January 1st, 2010

As some of you already know, we have been thinking about eyeos 2.0 for more than a year now. From the first days of eyeos 1.0 we all knew that eyeos 2.0 would not be just a simple evolution of eyeos 1.x with a new theme. We wanted 2.0 to be something totally new, from scratch: a new desktop metaphor, new base apps, and especially a new way to work.

And after some weeks of hard work we’re ready to present you the plans for eyeos 2.0. Please note that screenshots presented here are mock ups of the work we’re currently doing, and they will be improved on the final version.

The new desktop

The eyeos desktop is the place where every single user goes to after logging in. For eyeos 2.0, instead of showing a bunch of icons and a wallpaper, we decided to use the desktop to show more useful information to the user.

The desktop has a new dock bar which opens menus to show the available applications, events related to your session and more. The central part will have mini-apps, small windows that will show all the info related to different applications. For example, the events on your calendar, latest changes on your whole eyeos environment, or even your files.


Collaboration made easy

Just create a new document and invite some friends to it. You will be collaboratively editing a document, and you will see which part of the document is being edited by every user. The document will automatically block some lines for every online user in the zone they’re working on and will automatically scroll up and down to let you always work comfortably and independently of the zones which are being edited by your friends.

You will be able to add comments in every part of the document and see which changes have been made by every user in that document. There will be different roles and you’ll be able, as the creator of the document, to invite new friends to work on it. And if your friends are not on eyeos, do not worry at all. They will receive an e-mail with instructions about how to work with you.


Real time notifications

See who is online on eyeos. Talk with them, work with them or share information with them. In real time. eyeos 2.0 will come with an integrated instant messaging protocol to talk with your online friends (or leave them offline messages).

eyeos 2.0 will have a developers preview which will be released on November 1st, 2009. There will be then two months for everyone to work, test and create apps with the new eyeos and its toolkit 2.0. And after that, we will be releasing eyeos 2.0 to the public on January 1st, 2010.

New base applications

In eyeos 2.0 we have handled the base applications as independent projects inside eyeos. This means that the base applications will not any more be proof of concept of what can be done with eyeos, but real and powerful applications that will be thought to be important competitors of the best known projects available on the Internet or which handle just the same functionalities as those applications.

For eyeos 2.0 you can expect a fully featured word processor (with private and collaborative modes), an instant messaging system, a completely new and powerful calendar integrated with the rest of applications, and much more. Every application will have an independent team (with one designer and one developer, at least) to create and maintain it.

Applications install process reviewed

The applications installed by an administrator will be available to be installed in their system by every user. This means that as a system user you will be able to choose which applications you want to have in your personal environment from those available in your system.

On the other hand, users will be able to install a new kind of applications (Client apps) without needing the permission of an administrator. Developers will be able to create full featured apps (installable by administrators) or Client apps (installable by any user).

New toolkit, kernel, libraries and services. With backwards compatibility

eyeos 2.0 will come with the 2.0 toolkit, which will produce much more powerful applications. The eyeos virtual filesystem has been rewritten and renamed eyeos File System Interface, which will handle local, virtual, real or remote files. The kernel has been also rewritten and almost every library or service has been rewritten or improved to be able to handle a much greater load and to be faster.

If you have been working in some 1.x apps you do not need to worry. eyeos 2.0 will come with backwards compatibility with eyeos 1.x applications.

Synchronization. Re-done

From eyeos 2.0 you will be able to use a totally new tool (available for Windows, Mac and Linux) which will sync your files, contacts, agendas (including support for most popular apps for Windows, Mac and Linux) with your eyeos account. eyeSync 1.x was dropped and a totally new tool (drafted as a separate project) is under development now, to be released together with eyeos 2.0.

When. When?. When!

eyeos 2.0 technology preview will be out by November 1st. This release will show the new base system, desktop and toolkit to developers so they can start working with their eyeos 2.0 applications. During November and December we’ll be presenting separately every base application.

The last weeks of December will be dedicated to translating eyeos 2.0, and we’ll be presenting the final release to the eyeos community on January 1st, 2010. The official announcement will be done a few days later, at the same moment that will be updated and the websites will announce eyeos 2.0.

32 Responses to “Announcing eyeos 2.0 for January 1st, 2010”

  1. jcarlosn says:

    There is only one cloud in the sky :)

  2. Waoh !!!!… Is there any time machine for visit for January 2nd, 2010 :-)

  3. Daniel Sousa says:

    Wow, I can’t wait to see eyeos 2.0 :)

  4. Alex says:

    Since I follow and support eyeOS (4 years ago), I have NEVER been disappointed.

    And once again, the eyeOS is planning the eyeOS of my dreams !


  5. Hifzu says:

    Can’t wait to play around with the new toolkit! these features seem really useful for eyeOS users!

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  7. santiago says:

    Exelente se ve el diseño. Cuando busquen programadores avisen!..=P

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  9. Silencer says:

    Thanx for your hard work! I am happy, that eyeOS 2.0 won’t be another Opengoo :) . The collaboration features look awesome! Hopefully you guys still integrate the explorer-like file-browsing and especially an improved picture viewer (with key navigation). Will the “desktop” “just” be like netvibes/igoogle or can I have icons as well?

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  11. bpianfet says:

    I second an ability to show “desktop with icons” optional view. Use it at work and need it to look like i am on my local business machine ;>

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  15. MadaboutDana says:

    We’ve been very impressed by eyeOS, and version 2.0 sounds really exciting! We look forward to some serious open-source competition to the Big Boys in the collaboration space. Bravo!

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  17. Guiu says:

    WOW, very challenging new version : congratulation for everybody working on it!

    Para Santiago : estan buscando programadores ahora mismo, acabo de recibir un anuncio en infojobs. Creo que coresponde tambien a este post

  18. Nick says:

    so does this mean eyeOS 1.x will have no more updates?

  19. Nick,

    We’ll continue updating it for a while.

  20. Captain08 says:

    Suggestion : a real spreadsheet in the core of the OS (office core) : all enterprise application will be build with a spreadsheet …

    This will be a killer function !

  21. Christian H. says:


    We are testing EyeOS for a company project, but I’m wondering, will apps developed for 1.x be compatible with 2.x when it comes out? Or should we wait until 2.x is released to begin custom app development?


  22. joan says:

    I think I heard something in this direction before, but do you think we teachers can expect something in the way of an online test tool like zoho challenge?

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  24. Great!!! says:

    I like the whole new idea, one thing, one feature that would make this killer, is if I were to be able to add a directory outside of the eyeos web root, now that would be awsome, Right now I use tonido for a jukebox, ftp for file storage, opengoo for documents, because the old eyeos was not good enough, but this looks amazing.
    it would be great for eyeos community to Keep us posted, with new screenshots of the latest, and videos, it will get the anticitation way up, and show the activity of the project, you could go to youtube, and upload like one screencast a week to show the current state of development once things start getting to the point where they are usable.
    here is the final request…9
    Media, eyeos needs awsome media capabilitys like mp3/ogg compatable player (flash based) photos, videos (some open source video player like youtube player, vimeo)

  25. Eric says:

    Wow – I was just googling around the net looking for a solution for my CRM woes – and Whammo – hit with eyeOS – I can’t believe I never heard or watched this project until now! 2.0 in JAN!!! AAAAA I need it now – I’ll gladly pay a group lead to create a demonstration site we can use for production in our sales environment! I am constantly batteling sales team members to get stuff off their computers and upload to a work system – take photos in the field and share with us… this might be the ticket I was lookign for…

    I am a real estate broker and have a unique marketing plan and business plan – that save a lot of money and time for my clients as well as staff – and have been looking for a collaborative team environment not dependent on the agent’s internet connection… I would like to learn more – offer a bounty for some mods to use for our purposes and perhaps iphone apps…

    I need project management, contact management, sales team tools, invoicing/export to quickbook, time tracking (project based), tasking and process flow automation – mobile…

    I have been using vtiger, opengoo (still learning), and a lot of joomla over the years… I wonder if we can integrate a larger portal system (joomla?) into a system like this that can be customized for specific job functions and user rights – a pre-built desktop for a sales agent, for a manager of a specific process tree… I’m thinking about sales agents, loan officers, vendors, clients and brokers/managers functions… lead/prospecting tools integrations for automated lead generation and capturing – notification and process tracking to a point where an opportunity ( a sales contract ) is signed (still looking for an electronic signature option for listing and sales contracts and all disclosures for realty) and processed by tasking various individuals at any given milestone in the project/sale and opening workboards for each individual case/sale/transaction which easy communication from sales agents/admins/brokers etc can use the eyeOS as a frontend to link all the above and a joomla frontend and component/mod for basic communications and such with the end user – which opens us to be able to integrate Community Builder and other social-networking and applications to the picture to import to the eyeOS dektop/application space and taskmanagement tools of the above…

    man my mind is spinning right now – I’ll be up workign on this for weeks…

  26. Angel says:

    There is a great working tool for teams, the name is OpenGoo! As i saw now, i guess that eyeos 2.0 could be much better, because it can do most of the things which OpenGoo supoorts but the only, and this is the big thing, i am missing in eyeos is a project tool like “workspaces” in OpenGoo.

    “Workspaces” in Opengoo are just a name but under this name i can hold all data (contacts, photos, notes, documents, email (!!) and so on) and i can give access to different users in the system for each workspace.

    This is similiar as the new “Google wave” (coming soon) will do it.

    And better then the coming up “Google Chrom OS”, all data can saved on a own server and not only on public servers at google.

    If such a tool is planned for eyeos 2.0, then i guess eyeos is a killer web application because it can handle not only one user, it can handle small teams too!

    I am looking pretty forward to eyeos 2.0!!

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