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Eyeos at the Cloud Computing Expo Santa Clara 09

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

We are happy to announce that we will be talking about eyeos, Cloud Computing and why it is necessary to move operating systems and desktops to the cloud at Santa Clara’s Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, which is one of the most important Cloud Computing events nowadays. Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, held each year in California, New York and Prague, is the leading event covering the fast-emerging Cloud Computing market for Enterprise IT professionals.

Eyeos conference is scheduled for Tuesday, November, 3 and you can check the oficial Schedule here.

cloud computing expo 09

We are looking for…

Eyeos is growing up with customers who are looking for a solution on the cloud for its company and they are starting to see eyeos as an important alternative to make the final choice. Therefore our structure has been increased to attend their demands. Now we are offering specific programming, branded installation, training and support to the people/customers who want to customize or personalize our product for their companies. Because of this we are also increasing our official partners list, to improve our Professional Network, and to be able to offer local services at a wide variety of places.

Eyeos has been successfully in the following markets: education (schools, universities), public administrations (city councils, public library networks) and small and medium sized companies.

If you are interested in using eyeos for your company or becoming a partner, and you are coming to the Cloud Computing Conference in Santa Clara (November 2-4, 2009) please contact us to schedule a meeting there.

See you in Santa Clara!

Introducing eyeDocs 2

Friday, October 9th, 2009

We are happy to start today, almost three months before the eyeos 2.0 release, the presentation of some 2.0 apps. From now on, each week we want to give you the main ideas and features of  one of the new eyeos 2.0 applications.

eyeDocs 2

eyeDocs 2 is the word processor of eyeos 2.0. With a completely new design it will be similar in features than the desktop, traditional office suites, with an important difference: facilitating collaborative work.

screen eyedocs 2

Multi-user Text editor

The main and greatest feature of eyeDocs 2 is the collaboration mode, to allow more than one user to work on the same document at the same time, using the collaborative services inside eyeos 2.0 kernel. The main features of the collaboration mode are:

  • A color assigned to each user editing the document to see who is working on every zone of the document.
  • A left bar with comments: Every user can add comments to a specific zone of the document. For example, in the educational environment, the teacher can share with the students an original document with his personal comments.


  • You can chat with other users while you are working on your document
  • Automatic autosave.
  • There are three roles for each document:
    • Owner: creates the document and has the rights to do everything on that document. Can change the status of the document.
    • Editor: can edit everything inside the document. Can not remove the document.
    • Viewers: Can only view the document and add/delete his own comments, but can’t edit the document.
  • There are also two status modes for each document:
    • Edit mode: full edition features for all users.
    • Locked: the document is locked by the owner. No one can edit it until he owner changes its status.

We have worked to avoid problems between users who are editing/creating the same document. That’s possible with an “edition area”.

An edition area is composed of “5 lines typing block” (5LB).  At the side of every 5LB we have a bubble with the user name:


If another user clicks on your 5LB while you are working on it, he starts editing and not writing. The difference on editing and not writing is that when a user is editing he can only use a different 5LB. When the user leaves the writing point, the system rearranges the text.




Creating a table we see a similar situation: Just by clicking in a cell, column or row of the table the zone can’t be edited by other users. Your assigned color is used to identify your edition area.

Captura de pantalla 2009-10-09 a las 18.34.54

As you can see, the collaborative mode of the new eyeDocs 2 will be amazing. But it won’t be the only new disruptive feature. For example, it  supports many export formats such as HTML, Open Office, PDF, RTF, DOC, DOCX and TXT.


There are different options on page size, and the user will be able to select different sizes such as A4, letter, legal, etc.

Finally, there will be options to check the spelling in different languages and translate the document to other languages.

eyeos bugfix release available

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

The eyeos team announces the availability of a bugfix release for the 1.8.7 branch which addresses a few bugs found in the eyeFTP, eyeFeed, some default themes and toolkit. Also, we have improved overall eyeos speed thanks to a better image compression and we have updated some of the third party libraries.

Please read the full release notes for detailed info about all the changes.

The release does not include any security bugfix, however, its installation is recommended for all eyeOS server administrators. The new version can be downloaded from the downloads page and used from the free server, which has already been updated.