eyeOS 2.0 site released . SVN server opened

We’re happy to publish and announce today the new eyeOS 2.0 site with all the base information for eyeOS 2.0 as well as its full source code, finally opened to everyone with a new svn server.

For those who are not developers and would like to discover eyeOS better, we have released a new site (www.eyeos.org/20) which has been divided in an Overview, some Technical information and some information about the base applications. This info talks about eyeOS 2.x -so some features might not be available until eyeOS 2.1, for example-.

For the devs, we have opened a new public SVN server so you can track and follow all the development of eyeOS 2.x. We’ll be moving entirely our development branch to this new SVN during the next few days, but the code is totally available right now with our latest internal revision from just some minutes ago. The branch opened is trunk and there are some features under development which are not thought to be released in eyeOS 2.0.0, which will come out when it’s ready –and we’re working really hard to get it ready as soon as possible after receiving the first feedback from some of you. The SVN server is located at https://public.eyeos.org/eyeos2 and you can see detailed instructions here.

We have done and we are doing our best for the 2.0, but it’s not an easy project: It has been rewritten from scratch and the first tests showed that we needed to improve its usability –which required some changes all over the system. This is the reason of the delay.

To those who have been supporting the project and the team, thanks. We’re proud to be a company that works exclusively to create Open Source software. This is not easy sometimes, but your support breaks the barriers. As you can see with this announcement and release, we’ll continue releasing eyeOS as Open Source –even being lucky to see the interest of incredibly big companies around it ;-)

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  1. theproducer says:

    It was anagonizing the few weeks without much info…but WOW it was worth it…

  2. Silencer says:

    Thanx. Is this the same version as the private beta server?

  3. afiestas says:

    Great news guys! thanks! I can’t wait for the final release.

  4. eyecreate says:

    much thanks!

  5. Comacine says:


  6. Peter says:

    Wow the screenshots looks even better than Mac OS X in my opinion :O
    Well done :D

  7. kain says:

    very nice, i like it!

  8. logs_con says:

    2.0 looks absolutely awesome!

    Can’t wait to get it up and running on my test rig.

  9. Patollab says:


    so cool!
    Many thanks and congrats to the team and people who worked and work on the project.

    1. Kudos for the PR to keep the pressure down. I guess we were so excited to get our hands on the v2.0, some of us were a bit too aggressive. Please update the blog more often, and new post don’t edit old one.

    2. Will you update your demo server to the new version?

    3. When and what is your next step?

    Very, very nice!

  10. h3n says:

    Just tested it. very nice system but nowhere near beta. the core is working, but most of the features and apps are missing yet.
    if you want a working system for your webserver: i don’t think eyeos2 will be useable anytime soon.

  11. huno says:

    @h3n: thanks for the info, i’ll stop waiting now ~

  12. fractured says:

    I loaded it. It is fractured bad! This is why they did not want to release it. The bad press from us. But hey….thats life,

    I looked at the code and ran a simulation of time to complete. 1900 man hours left to go on the project to get it to a stable version. now they should have a better version already so I’ll give em 300 hours back. That is 1600 hours of real work! 40 hours a week per man 10 men = 400 hours at 4 weeks plus or minus 15% time.

    Your looking at a month or two…..The other issues this baby will have are with z servers! YIKES -

  13. Alex says:


    Now shut up and start working. How many of the 1900 man hours will you contribute ?

  14. John Laverne says:

    Hi guys,
    Congratulations first for the work , and especially for following your OpenSource compromise !
    We’ve just test the SVN version : the core is really amazing, and the architecture is so powerfull. We see so many ways devloppers could use your product as the framework for RIA, as a platform for content..
    That’s true some basics apps are missing , but the main point remain always how the core was designed, it’s the key point : and this one , is a big big one !
    Nothing compare to the previous version or other framework solutions we’ve tested. It’s 2 steps ahead. Really.
    We’ll definitively help you in the folowing weeks.
    Again congratulations

  15. Robin says:

    I do not like the new logo and look of EyeOS…
    I prefer the older one :(

  16. Arjan says:

    Thumbs up! But PLEASE now agree on how to write the name. EyeOS, eyeOS, eyeos, …?

  17. Robin says:

    Their messages say eyeOS tbh, although i always use EyeOS ^^.

  18. Lust says:

    Thank you, eyeOS team.
    No matter how mature eyeOS code is at the moment, it is really great news.
    Congratulations to this movement/decision, thumbs up!

  19. Arjan says:

    > Their messages say eyeOS

    I wish. In the official parts of this very page alone I can already easily spot both eyeOS and eyeos…

  20. scj says:

    Thanks. EyeOS2 now support local filesystem, so i just mount my nfs music folder to my eyeOS account homedir and that is what I want from this project, play my music collection everywhere, just only need browser ;) . Other features like IMAP mail client, office suite, etc are nice additional bonus. So, for me is this project is successful. Thanks.

  21. fractured says:

    20 hours on eyeos fractured version. Can you say html5 :-)

  22. fractured says:

    FYI Z servers have tons of issues with this code on the hardware side. Fractured version on its way

  23. sho says:

    A roadmap would be nice too. Something like:

    eyeOs 2.0
    * Social bar

    eyeOs 2.1
    * OpenOffice based conversions for Documents

  24. Babette says:

    Merci !

  25. Alex says:


    You are really stubborn ! Money, money, money is the only thing you can say.

    For your other ideas, I hope you will not be that selfish not to share with the community after critisizing so much.

  26. Nanawel says:

    @scj: And soon you’ll be able to use virtual mountpoints to do the same thing if you have access to the target folder but not the ability to mount folders on your local filesystem. :)

    @all: It’s eyeOS. But is it a big deal if we sometimes use eyeos or EyeOS? :)
    Thanks for your patience anyway!

  27. FSX says:

    @nanawel: They said that they had officially changed the name to eyeos a while ago. It seems they have reversed that.

  28. theproducer says:

    “Money, Money, Money” is all I say too, usually. Since it feeds me, buys me the computer i’m typing on, etc, etc…

    I guess that makes me evil and stubborn?

  29. theproducer says:

    Where can we view and submit bug reports?

  30. marcello says:

    Hallo everybody,
    could be possible to know an average time-scale to se the production release of eyeos? days? weeks? months?
    many thanks

  31. Nanawel says:

    @theproducer: Here is the URL to our bugtracker

    *** Please remember to prefix your summary with “eyeOS 2.0:” in your reports! Thanks ***

  32. Silencer says:

    Will you move the whole project to trac or something similar? And from the experiences of the last weeks – when can we expect the first real beta/rc? Please no definite date :) , just a rough timescale in month.

  33. fractured says:

    I am 100% open source. Money is not my motivation all will be shared AGPL.

  34. sho says:

    I agree!

    @Silencer, @Nanawel
    How about Google Code? I find it faster and easier to use. Unless there is a specific reason for trac (I do like Trac’s Roadmap feature)

  35. Silencer says:

    I especially like trac’s roadmap, beacause it even shows unexperienced or new users the status of the project. I have no knowledge about google codes advantages though.

  36. joel says:

    way to go! looks very interesting, really waiting to see eyeOS 2 in action

  37. h3n says:

    So, do you want the community to help?
    We can test drive the system, file bugreports or write some actual code.
    I’d be happy to do that, but for me it is important that my work is appreciated and won’t be done in vain.

    I think you should make use of the bugtracker and assign and fix those problems faster. You should encourage the community to file bugreports and give them specific information on what can be done for the project. A roadmap and internal information about the development process would indeed be helpful.
    Open Source Communities (and i think you have one) have the need to communicate. They want to know that they can help and participate, and they will do so. You could benefit from that.

    Just my 2cents. Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a demand for these things. It is a call for more information and communication.
    If – for some reason – your internal structures either do not allow community participation, you don’t want it at this point or whatever: you should say so and people will stop begging.

  38. Ragax3r says:

    Sorry to sound stupid but, what do I have to do with those files? I cant even get to download them using wget or am I doing something stupid?

  39. sho says:

    I just like Google Code’s bug tracker. But Trac’s roadmap is excellent. I guess any project management would be great.

    Run this from the command line:
    svn export https://public.eyeos.org/eyeos2

  40. sho says:

    I’m not sure where to post this, but I found a great html to pdf library with extensive options. Its also easy to install with prebuilt packages available for mac, windows, and linux. It would go great with eyeDocs Export to PDF feature, without needing OpenOffice.

    Debian Package: http://packages.debian.org/sid/utils/wkhtmltopdf

  41. roman says:

    YEAH! seems to be exactly what i waited (hoping) for…
    totally IE incompatible? its a pitty, but kein beinbruch ;)
    all the best to your team and devs!

  42. h3n says:

    What about the SVN? Are you planning on actually using it? I mean, for version-control and to get the latest code out to the public…..

  43. Silencer says:

    Dev Nanawel wrote in the forum on 12. of February that “the 2.x won’t be stable until some months”.

  44. alexander says:

    i cannot download it from SVN!
    i must ender passwd and username!

  45. Ap.Muthu says:

    The link in the article that points to http://eyeos.org/20svn is dead
    The eyeOS2 browse svn link should be prominently displayed in the home page of eyeOS.

  46. Ap.Muthu says:

    The latest eyeOS v2.2 SVN is located at:

    There seems to be no way to browse the SVN with file change details – a sort of TRAC implementation is lacking.

  47. Delwyn says:

    This can be my initial time I’ve visited right here. I identified a whole lot of fascinating information inside your blog. From the volume of feedback on your posts, I guess I’m not the only a single! retain up the impressive operate.

  48. junix says:

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question with eye Docs. My installation of eyeOS v2.x is ok, all requirements are running and installed.I just wondering when I was trying to open the eyeDoc it is just hanging…any ideas about this problem.

    thank you

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