eyeOS in CeBIT: Summary

The last five days eyeOS has been on CeBIT and in this post we want to thank all people, who were there with us:

The authorities, the Prime Minister of Spain, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, the State Secretary for Telecommunication and Information Society of Spanish Government, Francisco Ros, the Red.es General Manager, Sebastián Muriel, and all members of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade for their support for and interest into the eyeOS project.

The community people, who visited us, who are supporting eyeOS since 2005, who love Open Source and the eyeOS project and work to increase and spread the project all around the world. It is really important for us to see and feel all these people, who has joined us on CeBIT. Without all this support it would be impossible to be The Open Source Web Desktop: a reference in the Cloud Computing world.

Finally, for those who are curious about the eyeOS stand, we want to present it to you. On the photos you can see the eyeOS Germany community leader, Lars Knickrehm, who were at the CeBIT and has spoken to a lot people there to explain them our concepts.

Stay tuned for the next days!

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