eyeOS 2.1.1 Beta Released

We’re proud to announce the immediate availability of eyeOS 2.1.1 Beta. This release is the first eyeOS 2.x version with a core marked as stable. Includes more than 50 critical bug fixes. With this release, eyeOS is now faster and secure.

This release also includes some usability improvements: A new tool for administrators with options like the possibility to enable and disable the account creation, the possibility to change the passwords of each user or the multiple skills options, which will help every eyeOS 2.x to be administrated in a much easier way.

What’s new?

The main new improvements on this release are:

  • Feedback when opening an application
  • Spaces allowed in workgroup names
  • Possibility to work with files with spaces and special characters on their names
  • 80% reduction on data sent to the client | server using cache systems
  • New, more secure, Session End: now your eyeOS deletes all the temporal files when you leave the computer
  • Multiple skills for admins: it’s possible to define roles for each skill and determinate the widgets, apps by default for each one, for example
  • Collaborative documents application improved
  • Real-Time Search fixed
  • User Search Tool Improved: now it’s possible to search by name, email, surname, nickname…
  • New search tool on the files administrator


eyeOS 2.1.1 Beta is directly available in 30 languages thanks to the great worldwide eyeOS community: English, Catalan, Spanish, Bulgarian, Slovak, Portuguese-european, Portuguese-brazilian, German, Swedish, French, Japanese, Vietnamese, Bengali, Polish, Arabic, Lithuanian, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Suomi, Hungarian, Serbian, Romanian, Indonesian, Russian, Bengali, Norwegian, Persian, Italian, Mongolian and Turkish.

To select a language, please, go to Settings → Configuration and select your language. Then just log out and log in again to have eyeOS in your selected language.

Start translating on eyeOS is not difficult. You only need to visit The Translation Server and register with a new username. Then send an email to  translate@eyeos.org with your credentials (name,  surname, username and translation language) and we will give you the permissions to start translating eyeOS into your language. In case that there is already an existing translation for that language you will be invited to join the translation group for that language.

Download and use eyeOS 2.1.1 Beta

The new version can be downloaded from the downloads page and used from the preview server, which has already been updated.

It’s important to say that day by day eyeOS has more capabilities. This is important because the installation has more steps and it could be difficult for some of you. If you have problems, please, visit the official forum, or if you want no problems, use our Professional Services.

Important: Please, take a look at the Installation instructions to install eyeOS 2.1.1 Beta without problems!

Please remember that while the system is stable now, the base apps must be seen as beta status and testing is really important right now. To report bugs and wishes please use the SourceForge tracker.

Updating an existent version of eyeOS 2.1.1

To update eyeOS 2.x Beta to eyeOS 2.1.1 Beta please follow the instructions below. Note that an automatic installer/updater will be added to eyeOS 2.x on future releases.


To update your installed 2.x eyeOS, you have to follow this three steps:

1.- Download the update package here
2.- Unpack the downloaded file.
3.- Upload the files in your server (with FTP or another via), overwriting old files.

Develop on eyeOS 2.1.1 Beta

You can download and read the 2.0 Development manual abstract to learn how to create applications for eyeOS 2.0 Beta. The manual can be downloaded here.

We have a public SVN server so you can track and follow all the development of eyeOS 2.x. The SVN server is located at https://code.eyeos.org/trunk .

If you have questions about eyeOS 2.x development, please, ask us on eyeOS forums!

On a few weeks we will announce important information about the eyeOS 2.x development!

Thanks to all the collaborators and translators that have worked on this release and stay tuned for next releases!

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