eyeOS 2: 100.000 downloads!

We are very happy to announce that eyeOS 2.x  has reached 100.000 downloads from the SourceForge servers, the official site to download eyeOS.

When we decided, almost two years ago, to create a new product, we all knew that eyeos 2.0 would not be just a simple evolution of eyeOS 1.x with a new theme. We wanted 2.0 to be something totally new, from scratch: a new desktop metaphor, new base apps, and especially a new way to work. And this is not easy. We changed all the technology, all the base and all the code.

Now, eyeOS, with pros and cons, is an accepted and stablished product on the Cloud Computing market. Looking at the statistics, we can see that with eyeOS 2.x the downloads graphs have increased around 15%. moving from 12.500 downloads per month on average on the 1.x era to more than 14500 on 2.x.

On the professional side, the number of projects based on eyeOS 2.x is increasing every day. That shows us that we are not wrong with the concept developed with the new version.

eyeOS 2.x is being developed, improved and bug fixed and soon we’ll release a new update which will modify and introduce a much easier installation process, solving a lot of bug and stabilizing the whole product. There is a lot of work to do and we know that.

Now, more than ever, stay tuned!

11 Responses to “eyeOS 2: 100.000 downloads!”

  1. Le Mag says:

    I love it and as german studend I need it all day.

  2. HP says:

    and how many downloads did eyeOS 1.x get?

  3. You can see the number of downloads of each release and each branch at http://sourceforge.net/projects/eyeos/files/ .

  4. Robin says:

    Don’t forget the amount of people downloading this multiple times in the hope it finally does work with normal webservers.

  5. kwon says:

    100.000 ?? 100,000 !!

  6. It seems, that eyeos has been downloaded 35000 times during 3 months. Instead eyeos 2.x has been downloaded about 30000 times. So eyeos 2.x didn’t increase the number of downloads of eyeos.

  7. John says:

    @Lars, it seems, that eyeos has been downloaded 25,772 times during 1 month and 13 days. Instead eyeos 1.x has been downloaded about 35000 times but in 3 months. So eyeos 2.x INCREASES the number of downloads of eyeos. I’m sorry for your mistake…

  8. @John: Yes, you’re right and I knew that. Compared to the absolute number of downloads, eyeos 2.x has increased them.

    (a) eyeos 1.x started with a lot smaller community and user amount.
    (b) eyeos is part of the initial eyeos 2.0.x series. I compared eyeos 2.2.x (current stable) with the pre-latest eyeos 1.x series, eyeos, because eyeos is still getting promoted.

    The statistics analysis I did should be as neutral as possible. Tell me what you think about the points I mentioned, please :) !

  9. elunez says:

    Hey, i wanna translate eyeOS to bulgarian for free. Are you interested? Reply to alanforts@gmail.com

  10. HP says:

    eyeOS 1.x downloaded 645,911 times according to the page Lars gave http://sourceforge.net/projects/eyeos/files/

  11. h3n says:

    hey, any idea when 2.3. will be released?

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