800,000 downloads milestone reached!

Today we are very glad to announce that just over five years, eyeOS downloads have topped 800,000 and it has become the world’s most popular web desktop and the most important Open Source web desktop.

Congratulations to the team and the community for the great work and the positive feedback we get. Keep on sending us more feedback, ideas and wishes to improve eyeOS!

Who is downloading eyeOS?

One of the intersting things when we review the eyeOS downloads is the procedence. This last 2010 people has downloaded eyeOS from 186 different countries, almost all the existing countries in the world! Here you have the pie chart of this 2010 downloads. It’s important to note that the downloads has increased in 70,000 compared to 2009.

And now?

Now the next step will be 1 M downloads! When do you think we will reach this number? In two months? Who knows! You can bet! But… Stay tunned!

2 Responses to “800,000 downloads milestone reached!”

  1. Robin says:

    Why does the image say Total: 325.894
    And how reliable is it ? does it count double downloads ?

  2. Clém says:

    I just discovering eyeOs and…whahou!!! It seems to be great! This is something I looking for a long time! Thank you and congratulation for your success!

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