Looking for 2.4 codename and default wallpaper

As we recently announced in the eyeOS forums , the next official release of eyeOS, 2.4.0 will come with the desktop mode activated by default (leaving the current dashboard as an option).

The new desktop mode will make eyeOS 2.4 look much more familiar to the users coming from eyeOS 1.x series. Since it will also finally introduce total stabilization over the system and will be much more simple to install, it will be the perfect version for those who are still working on 1.x platform and the best 2.x version created ever.

Introducing the desktop back makes us to take a decision we would like to share with everyone: Which wallpaper should be put by default?

We’ve taken the decision to let everyone decide here: The eyeOS 2.4 default wallpaper will be one of the presented by the eyeOS community from now until April 1st.

We’d like to invite you to post here your proposals on both this forum topic and/or sending them by mail to team@eyeos.org. You can send/post as many as you want.

The only requirements are:

-Good quality image of (minimum 1600x1200px)

-Copyright-free images, open sourced in any compatible license with eyeOS’ one

-The poster must be the original author

-Credit will be given to the author as the way he/she prefers in both eyeOS Source Code, eyeOS 2.4 announcement and eyeOS info screen (newly added to 2.4)

Images of any topic will be accepted but we recommend to think on relaxing images (sky, clouds, fields) and especially those related on the country where the author lives.

The selected image will be used as official default wallpaper and the finalists will be added as optional images bundled by default in eyeOS.

We’re also looking for the official 2.4 codename. Suggestions are welcomed in both the comments of this post and this forum topic.

Stay tuned!

2 Responses to “Looking for 2.4 codename and default wallpaper”

  1. Robin says:

    Can’t wait !

  2. kuggaa says:

    Will the license be the same as 1.x or will copyright of your logo be required?

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