eyeOS 2.4 “Japan” released

We’re incredibly proud to announcing the immediate availability of eyeOS 2.4 codename “Japan”.

But wait a moment. The best from what we’re presenting today is that eyeOS 2.4 is totally compatible with eyeOS 2.x. However, being just one more version, it’s also the result of 6 years of development. We introduced the “web desktop” concept 6 years ago, when it showed 10 results on Google. Some years later, 71 eyeOS versions later, and 300 milion results on the “web desktop” search… we’re recreating today the web destkop concept with eyeOS 2.4.

Please come in, you are welcomed:

What’s new on eyeOS 2.4 “Japan”?

1. Desktop interface

The easiest way to work on the cloud

Today we are working on many web applications from our web browser. With eyeOS we can work on a desktop as you do when working with your local Operating System. You can activate the Dashboard interface whenever you want from settings menu.

2. Web integrator

New links on your desktop

You can create on the desktop or on any folder shortcuts to any web links. When opening the shortcut you will open a window on eyeOS desktop with your website, web application or any internet resource.
The user will just decide the width and height of the application, its title, icon, and which URL should open. From that moment, a new app will appear on the app list.
Click on right button and choose the “New link” button to use the web integrator.

3. Mail Client

Based on Roundcube

New mail client which will allow you to access to your favorite email service. Roundcube has been chosen due its powerfulness and easy interface for end users, and because it can be seamless integrated with eyeOS. It’s totally Open Sourced.

4. Share files with URL

Share whatever you want

With this new feature users will be able to share some of their files with third party people who are not in eyeOS. You can chose if you want to protect this URL wit a password.

Some files should be shared only for a while… so you can also add a limit date where the URL will stop being active.

5. Drag & Drop from local to web desktop

To work easier and faster

Just imagine you can select some files from your local computer (Windows, Mac or Linux machines) and without installing anything, event not any third party plugin, you can just drag files from the computer to the eyeOS window… and they are uploaded to your eyeOS system. This incredible feature is available by default in eyeOS 2.4.
Just drag a file from the local desktop and drop it on eyeOS web desktop.  This feature works with HTML5-capable browsers: Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and IE 9.

6. Mobile version

Use eyeOS everywhere

The plain simple ability to access eyeOS files (even not being able to manage them) from a mobile phone will let users to use eyeOS in a wider variety of moments in their professional lives.

7. Instant Messaging

Chat with other online users

Access to the social desktop 2.0! Now you can talk with other users without install an IM client. All is in eyeOS!


Try eyeOS 2.4 right now

You can try eyeOS 2.4 right now on the official server we’ve prepared. Please note that this new server will be the demo server from now on, and users are welcomed to migrate their data from “new” and “classic” servers that we launched on the presentation of eyeOS 2.0.

The new server is located at try.eyeos.org. Register your new user now!

Download and use eyeOS 2.4 “Japan”

eyeOS is Open Source, so you can download the new version and install it in your own server (you need a WebServer, PHP and MySQL among some plug-ins, please read the documentation first). The new version can be downloaded from the downloads page and used from the try server, which has already been updated.

It’s important to say that every day eyeOS has more capabilities. This is important because the installation has more steps and it could be difficult for some of you. If you have problems, please, visit the official forum, or if you want no problems, use our Professional Services.

Important: Please, take a look at the Installation manual to install eyeOS 2.4 “Japan” without problems! You can download the manual from here!

To report bugs and wishes please use the SourceForge tracker.


eyeOS 2.4 “Japan” is directly available in 32 languages thanks to the great worldwide eyeOS community.

To select a language, please, go to Settings → Configuration and select your language. Then just log out and log in again to have eyeOS in your selected language.

Start translating on eyeOS is not difficult. You only need to visit The Translation Server and register with a new username. Then send an email to  translate@eyeos.org with your credentials (name,  surname, username and translation language) and we will give you the permissions to start translating eyeOS into your language. In case that there is already an existing translation for that language you will be invited to join the translation group for that language.

Develop on eyeOS 2.4 “Japan”

The developer manual is available to learn how to create applications for eyeOS 2.4 “Japan”. You can download it here. We are translating it to other languages and when it will be available we will publish it with other material.

We have a public SVN server so you can track and follow all the development of eyeOS 2.x. The SVN server is located at https://eyeos.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/eyeos .

If you have questions about eyeOS 2.x development, please, ask us on eyeOS forums!

Updating an existent version of eyeOS 2.x

This is the first version without bugs, and we recommend to install from scratch eyeOS and backup your data from your eyeOs to eyeOS 2.4 “Japan”. If you have new apps developed for eyeOS 2.x you can use them on this version.

Please note that we recommend to install from scratch eyeOS and backup your data from your eyeOS to eyeOS 2.4 “Japan”. If you have new apps developed for eyeOS 2.x you can use them on this version.

Winners for the CodeName and Wallpaper

eyeOS 2.4 is named “Japan” after receiving more than 100 suggestions from 21 countries. “Japan” was one of the most recommended to there is no one single winner but many.

It represents not just a country that was extremely damaged by nature recently, but also a society that demonstrantes how to resolve successfully the most complicated situations, and we should all learn from them in many aspects.

On the wallpaper aspect, the winner is “Cloudy Sky” from Jay Garcia:

The first finalist is: “Megaptera” from Carles Marsal

And the second finalist is: “Slovakia” from Jozef Perdoch

Apart from this three, all the received proposals have been included by default on the “Community” folder from the select wallpaper option at Settings panel.

This is a special moment, like every release. But even a bit more special. We would like to warmly thank to every single person who has helped this to be possible. Thanks to all the participants to the wallpaper and codename contests. To Adri , Alex, Arnau-Lenin, Brais, Cesar ,Dani, Eduard G, Eduard M, Ferran C, Francesc A, Francesc D, Gerard, Ignasi, Jenifer, Joca, Jordi C, Jordi M, Jordi R, Júlia, Llorenç, Lluis, Marc, Maria, Michel,Monica, Natalia, Oriol, Pau, Pepe, Pol, Ton, Xavier from the eyeOS team in Barcelona. To Serge and François from eyeOS France. And to Carlos Domingo from Telefónica and Angel Moreu from IBM.

5 Responses to “eyeOS 2.4 “Japan” released”

  1. Hector says:

    guys , this release is amzaing : yestersday I didn’t found it in the Sourceforge server, but this mornig it was there and we’ve instaled it and play 3 hours in the dev department :

    it definitively rocks ! what a huge gap you’ve done since the 2.3, we can forget our 1.x version now !

  2. david says:

    he estado mirando el vuestro index.php y en una de las primeras funciones que teneis habeis puesto una variable con dos simbolos del dolar ‘$$key’, esto es correcto?

    if (ini_get(‘register_globals’)) {
    $requestKeys = array_keys($_REQUEST);

    foreach ($requestKeys as $key) {
    if ($_REQUEST[$key] === $$key) {

    un saludo y suerte con el proyecto! ;)

  3. marcello says:

    very good job!
    Do you plan to include a spreadsheet and a presentation editor in eyeos 2?

  4. [...] Состоялся релиз web-ориентированной операционной системы eyeOS 2.4, который вышел под кодовым именем «Japan». Несколько дней назад была выпущена корректирующая версия 2.4.1, в которой оперативно были исправлены обнаруженные ошибки. eyeOS – свободная операционная система с реализацией идеи по созданию не зависящего от текущей рабочей машины cloud-десктопа. Пользователь может оказаться в своем eyeOS-окружении из любой точки, где имеется возможность запуска web-браузера, даже с мобильного телефона. [...]

  5. Paul says:

    Looks amazing. Will this work on ARM based plug computers?

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