eyeOS 2.4.1 “Japan” Released

We’re proud to announce the immediate availability of eyeOS 2.4.1  “Japan”.

EyeOS 2.4.1 is a minor release that includes some bug fixes reported on both the official eyeOS Forums and via email. It also includes usability improvements on the Instant Messaging app: now there are notifications for incoming messages (both audio and visual notifications on the browser title bar).

We would like to ask the whole eyeOS community to continue the great work: Please do not stop reporting bugs and everything you would like to be improved in eyeOS. Together, and only together we can make the best Web Desktop.


Try & use eyeOS 2.4.1 “Japan” right now

You can try eyeOS 2.4.1 “Japan” right now on the official server. The server is located at try.eyeos.org. Register or log in with your existent user now!


Download and use eyeOS 2.4.1 “Japan”

eyeOS is Open Source, so you can download the new version and install it in your own server (you need a WebServer, PHP and MySQL among some plug-ins, please read the documentation first). The new version can be downloaded from the downloads page and used from the try server, which has already been updated.

It’s important to say that every day eyeOS has more capabilities. This is important because the installation has more steps and it could be difficult for some of you. If you have problems, please, visit the official forum, or if you want no problems, use our Professional Services.

Important: Please, take a look at the Installation manual to install eyeOS 2.4.1 “Japan” without problems! You can download the manual from here!

To report bugs and wishes please use the SourceForge tracker.


Updating an existent version of eyeOS 2.4.1 “Japan”

To update eyeOS 2.4 to eyeOS 2.4.1 “Japan” please follow the instructions below.


To update your installed 2.4 eyeOS, you have to follow this three steps:

1.- Download the update package here
2.- Unpack the downloaded file.
3.- Upload the files in your server (with FTP or another via), overwriting old files.



eyeOS 2.4.1 “Japan” is directly available in 32 languages thanks to the great worldwide eyeOS community.

To select a language, please, go to Settings → Configuration and select your language. Then just log out and log in again to have eyeOS in your selected language.

Start translating on eyeOS is not difficult. You only need to visit The Translation Server and register with a new username. Then send an email to  translate@eyeos.org with your credentials (name,  surname, username and translation language) and we will give you the permissions to start translating eyeOS into your language. In case that there is already an existing translation for that language you will be invited to join the translation group for that language.


Develop on eyeOS 2.4.1 “Japan”

The developer manual is available to learn how to create applications for eyeOS 2.4.1 “Japan”. You can download it here. We are translating it to other languages and when it will be available we will publish it with other material.

We have a public SVN server so you can track and follow all the development of eyeOS 2.x. The SVN server is located at https://eyeos.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/eyeos .

If you have questions about eyeOS 2.x development, please, ask us on eyeOS forums!

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