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And… that’s the cloud, that’s eyeOS!

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Take a look at this webcomic from XKCD! That’s the cloud, that’s eyeOS!

Interesting: The mainframe and the cloud

Monday, August 1st, 2011

As you know we are working with IBM since December 2009. Under the terms of the agreement IBM is offering eyeOS to all customers who acquire mainframe servers. Today we want to introduce you a Bathwick Group White Paper: The Mainframe and the Cloud, that explains the potential benefits that enterprises could derive from the mainframe as a cloud environment in terms of cost, reliability, scalability, security and flexibility. It’s an interesting document to understand the changes that have taken place within the mainframe eco-system and shows that many of the traditional criticisms of the mainframe platform are simply out of date.

On the other hand it isn’t the intention of this paper to say that the mainframe is the “best” host for all cloud computing environments, but that in some situations we believe that it certainly is. Much of the current discourse around virtualisation and cloud computing ignores the power of large scale-up environments like the mainframe and this is simply foolish. The mainframe of today is profoundly different from the mainframe of the 1980s and when debating the ideal platform for cloud environments, it is only fair to compare today’s mainframe with non-mainframe technology rather than relying on a dated understanding of the mainframe’s value proposition.

Besides, the document explains that a maniframe can also be used to support Linux-based desktop virtualisation using eyeOS.

You can download the paper from here


About eyeOS and IBM

If you want more information about eyeOs and IBM you can read the Red Paper called “Performance Test of Virtual Linux Desktop Cloud Services on System z”, that analyzes how eyeOS scales over a mainframe environment, multiple processors and up to thousands of users working simultaneously on a same environment.

There is an specific site ( with extra details and information for IBM customers to expand the possibilities of using eyeOS in their servers.