eyeOS Professional Edition 1.1 Released

We’re really happy to announce the immediate availability of eyeOS Professional Edition 1.1 which comes with new features and both visual and under-the-hood improvements.

eyeOS professional Edition 1.1 introduces powerful new features that reinforce the social dimension of the platform and make the delivery of Hybrid Desktop Virtualization a no brainer. As new features are directly integrated into the desktop interface, expect broad acceptance among your user base.

What’s new?

  • Wall

Leave the email for external communication, there is a better way to communicate internally

Have you ever… sent an email to the wrong person? … forgotten to send a copy to one of your team?… struggled to find an attachment you needed?
It goes without saying, these are problems we all face every day. Don’t get us wrong… we love the simplicity of email, but sometimes we need more flexibility to work effectively. With the new wall, share messages and files with your teams fast and securely. Just open your wall, type your message and share!

  • Task Manager

Collaboration is good; Collaboration toward a common goal is better

One of our initial goals for eyeOS Professional 1.1 was take things a step further in helping teamwork and enhancing high productivity teams. Collaboration is not just about sharing files and communicating. The job has to been done, so that means tasks have to be defined, assigned across the team and performed.

  • eyeSurveys

Need an opinion? Just ask!

In a high productivity environement, feedback is essential but it must be timely. eyeOS Professional 1.1. ships with eyeSurveys, a polling app that will allow you to gather feedback in the blink of an eye.

  • XenApp integration

Discover the most cost-effective way to virtualize your desktop, even with legacy applications

Have you ever wanted full control over your computer network? XenApp is an on-demand application delivery solution that enables any Windows® application to be virtualized, centralized, and managed in a datacenter and instantly delivered as a service to users anywhere on any device. eyeOS Professional 1.1 introduces XenApp integration, which allows you to launch virtualized apps directly from eyeOS. By combining eyeOS web technology and Citrix virtualization technology, you optimize your infrastructure. We call it ‘Hybrid Desktop virtualization’.

Other features

And eyeOs Professional Edition has more awesome features:

  • eyeRun: executes files saved in the cloud with local applications (such as Office, Photoshop, etc.)
  • eyeSync: synchronises the files between the cloud and the local device in order to permit working offline
  • Virtual Appliance: works with a packet which includes the entire environment necessary for operating eyeOS in a virtualisation environment.
  • Admin Panel: intuitive and easy to use, so as to aid the Systems Administrators’ job of managing users
  • Active directory connectivity/LDAP: For a perfect integration with the company’s directory
  • Mobile: works with eyeOS from any mobile device
  • File sharing: works in collaboration with users of the platform or shares files outside of it via URL
  • Group IM: talk inside eyeOS with other users
  • Collaborative calendar: share your calendar with you coworkers

Buy eyeOS Professional Edition 1.1

You can buy eyeOS Professional Edition by filling out the website form. An eyeOS representative will contact you shortly.



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