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Introducing the eyeos 2.0 Social Bar

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Since the eyeos 2.0 announcement we are talking about its collaborative mode and how eyeos will help you and your relatives on your daily tasks. We have already presented some apps, (e.g. eyeCalendar 2 and eyeDocuments 2) which have some social features, but today we are introducing the most important tool which will make eyeos’ collaboration features amazing: the Social Bar.

Social Bar allows you to know on every moment the collaborative status of the document your are working on this moment. Social bar will appear on every app which can be used collaboratively, such as eyeDocuments 2 or eyeFiles 2. Let’s see what can be done with it:

The Info tab

File name, rating and people allow us to work with the document. You can tag a file from here. That will make your file search easier, discovering lively every file in your system that matches your search criteria.


The Share tab

With drag and drop you will be able to perform simple share tasks, for sharing something with a single user or with multiple ones. Assigning specific privileges to each contributor is also easy. Just select the status you want to give them (e.g. viewer or editor).


The Notes tab

Sometimes, when you share a file with other people, you would like to share some info regarding that file. This is why the social bar includes a section to place comments on every file. Users sharing that file can keep a conversation about every file (e.g. photo, document, video…).


The Activity tab

Working with more than a user in the same document could get you into coordination problems. Activity section shows you the document changes and who made them.


Stay tuned for new presentations soon!

Introducing eyeos 2.0 visor

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

When you open a file, usually a quick visor would fit your needs, but it’s a full editor which is opened, taking ages to load. Because of this we have imagined from scratch how a user will open a file in eyeos 2.0, opening firstly the new visor.


Visor is also the image viewer of eyeos 2.0.

With Visor you can:

  • Save/Convert an image to a different format supported

  • Delete, Copy, Print

  • View a slideshow of your images

  • Rotate, zoom in/out

  • Fullscreen view



Watching a video is easy. With visor you can open and enjoy all your videos stored on eyeos 2.0. Visor is able to reproduce every single video regardless of the coded used to compress it. It has support by default for videos encoded as divx, xvid, mpeg4, avi, wmv, fla and more. The player hides automatically the navigation and control tools, and the user can turn on the full screen anytime.



Listening to your favorite music is easy with Visor. It supports the major audio formats such as mp3, ogg or wma… If you have the cover, Visor will detect and use it for the album.



Open and preview all types of documents, such as HTML, Open Office, PDF, RTF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, XML, PPT…


Stay tuned for new presentations soon.

Introducing eyeCalendar 2

Friday, October 16th, 2009

eyeCalendar 2 is the calendar of eyeos 2.0. Behind a renewed design and basic features, eyeCalendar 2 comes with new options to help collaborative work.



Share your calendar

With eyeCalendar 2 you can share your calendar and events with other users or on Social Networks (Facebook, MySpace, Plaxo…)

When you create a new event you can invite users from your contacts and give them four different roles:

  • View List: can view the event
  • Invite Others: can view the event and share it with other users on it
  • Modify Event: can view the event and modify it
  • All: full features


You can also share a calendar with everybody with “Make this Calendar public” option.

Collaborative work with eyeCalendar 2 is very easy.

eyeCalendar 2 has more features to help you on your planning!

  • Pin Calendar: you can choose a day, week or month and go quickly to a specific day

pin view

  • 4 view modes, day, week, month and year, with a new timeline

view mode

  • Adjust working hours to your calendar with the time-slider: for example, if you will use your calendar from 8:30 to 18:00 you can activate a filter and personalize it.


  • “Complete day event”: you can select a field and schedule it for this day.
  • ToDo list: eyeCalendar has a new Task list to allow you to remember to do your tasks and add it to your calendar.
  • “Week starts on” (Monday, Sunday…) and “Show Weekends” modes
  • Different colors for each Calendar
  • Drag-and-Drop to modify events