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eyeOS on Financial Times

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

As all the eyeOS community members already know, we all together are doing an spectacular work. On the last (almost) six years we’ve contributed to define the Cloud Computing concept. And we are leading the Web Desktop market. Today we’ve some proof that we’re doing it well: The Financial Times, one of the world’s leading economic newspaper, if not the most important, writes today about eyeOS among other top-tech companies.

It’s not easy for Open Source projects to have this coverage on economical newspaper. And we’re doing it, once again, all together.

You can download the article here (eyeOS article on page 4 from the PDF)

Stay tuned!

eyeOS on SYS-CON: “Virtual Desktop Infrastructure on IBM System z Using eyeOS”

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Today we want to introduce you an interesting article published by SYS-CON, an important Internet and Technology Magazine that explains how to work with a System Z Mainframe using eyeOS. In fact is a Guide on using IBM System Z as a virtual desktop infrastructure server.

The article is called “Virtual Desktop Infrastructure on IBM System z Using eyeOS“, and you can read the original here.

This kind of publications demonstrates that eyeOS and its technology are recognized as one of the big players and a very good solution on the Cloud Computing world. If you want more information about eyeOs and IBM you can read the Red Paper called “Performance Test of Virtual Linux Desktop Cloud Services on System z”, that analyzes how eyeOS scales over a mainframe environment, multiple processors and up to thousands of users working simultaneously on a same environment, or you can visit the IBM page on our website.

Thanks, SYS-CON! And stay tuned!

eyeOS: Clouds for the Crowd

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

Linux Journal, one of the most important sources (printed & online) for the Linux & Free Software Community published an article about eyeOS in its January 2009 issue, wrote by Doc Searls, called “eyeOS: Clouds for the Crowd“. In the article we can learn about eyeOS as an alternative to the big Cloud Computing players such as Google, Amazon or Microsoft, with a main difference: eyeOS is Free, Open Source, which means that it’s not just a Cloud  service but that anyone can create a Cloud system with eyeOS.

And this is a good moment to stop and see where we are and what’s eyeOS today. During more than 3 years we have been working in eyeOS (initially a small group of young people, now with people from all around the world) because we had, and we have, a common ideal: Building a “Web Operating System”, a “Web Desktop”, a “Cloud Computing Operating System”, or whatever you want to call it: a web based system that creates desktops for its users and allows them to use the desktop, applications and files from anywhere in the network -internal or from Internet-. It seems that the idea was not so stupid, and big companies will come to this place soon.

Almost all of them, however, will ask the user to send them their data (photos, documents, music…) to their servers. This may be OK for some users (and they can also do it with eyeOS, using the free server or the professional servers available since November 2008), but may be not acceptable for public administrations, schools and others. Here is where eyeOS is really important: for all those who want to keep their data privately and do not want to send it anywhere and for those who want to develop Cloud Applications and host them on their servers. And this is how eyeOS solves the privacy concern around the Cloud Computing.

To sum up, we are creating the free alternative to the cloud systems that haven’t appeared yet. And we’re building it together with all the people who wants to join eyeOS at the developers community, help forums, translators and more. There are dozens of ways to get involucrated, and if you haven’t done it yet, we invite you today to join us. Because we all together are building a piece of the future, and it depends on all of us if it will be a really important piece of it.