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Moving from Launchpad to SourceForge

Monday, July 20th, 2009

After some months using Launchpad (initially the bug reporting tool and the blueprints tool, and after some weeks only the bug reporting one), the biggest problem we found was the need of having a user at Launchpad in order to report new bugs, which was a blocker for many users.


We’re now moving to the Tracker from SourceForge (that has received a new look recently) to report bugs and feature requests, which does not require users to have an account at SourceForge to report bugs or feature requests, and provides a really powerful platform.

Since this moment, reporting a bug in eyeOS is as easy as filling this form, and requesting a new feature can be done through this form.

Note that we will be tracking the already reported bugs in Launchpad for some time, so there is no need to report again the same bugs, but please keep in mind that new bugs must be reported through the new platform. Thanks!

Nominate eyeOS in the SF Community Choice Awards 2009

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

SourceForge opened again the Community Choice Awards 2009, being this the second year to allow any project, not only those hosted under their platform. And one more time, we want to be there!

For those new in eyeOS, we have been finalists for Best Project in 2007 and Most Likely to Change the World in 2008. Being there is always thanks to the eyeOS community who voted for eyeOS in the awards. And ending May 29th, this year is your turn again to put eyeOS in the finalists list (it takes 2 minutes)!

You can nominate eyeOS following this link:

As Lars started in the eyeOS Forums, we’re nominating eyeOS as Best Project and Most Likely to Change the Way you do Everything.


Have you visited our wiki lately?

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Starting around October of last year we have been building up our Wiki. The point of a Wiki is that all users can edit and update the information, and create new pages altogether. So the number one thing was to lay the framework and start the organization of it, then make our Wiki easier for the community to edit and add content. When you go to edit and or make a page you will see links to help with editing a drop-box with templates, among other changes.

We have more work to do (no doubt!), but whether you are a new user or a developer we have something for all. You can even find some info about eyeOS history and links to articles about our eyeOS.

On our user side, you can find how to setup your eyeOS system with all the works like office support, a list of bundled applications and what they do and HOWTOs as well. You can even participate in the future of eyeOS with our wish-list and much more!

For all the developers and designers you will find things like: Learning how to get and build your eyeOS development environment, the Developers Reference Index, Examples, Code Style Guide, Suggested Tools, Themeing and much more.

We invite all to come experience and participate in our eyeOS Wiki!